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Design Club Membership


  • Percentage Off Entire Store20%
  • Free Bells Per Month12M
  • Free Tickets Per Month400
  • 20 Minute Delivery*X
  • Design CoachingX


  • Percentage Off Entire Store60%
  • Free Bells Per Month36M
  • Free Tickets Per Month1,200
  • 20 Minute Delivery*
  • Design Coaching
*In order to keep our operation in the United States, 20 Minute Delivery is only available within our office hours (12PM - 10PM Phoenix Time). Often times we can get your order to you faster, but if your order is over 40 items, or if many Design Club members are picking up at once, it may take slightly longer.

Up To 60% Off The Entire Store

Imagine having 3,000+ items at your disposal for pennies instead of dollars. The only limit to building your dream island being your imagination. Members experience entirely different pricing automatically on our store, ranging from 20%-60% off according to membership level!

Free Bells & Tickets Every Month

Never worry about having a flow of incoming bells & nook miles tickets again. With a Playerverse Membership you will have more bells & tickets than you know what to do with! Once a month every month simply shoot us a message requesting a code to pickup your sweet sweet currencies and we'll get you taken care of on the spot!

20 Minute Delivery

Skip the line! No more waiting in queue or having to hop into live support to get your new items. As a Designer or higher Playerverse Member, one of our delivery specialists will immediately begin getting your order ready the moment you place it. As soon as it's ready we will send you an email with your pickup code! Experience a whole new world of streamlined and speedy pickups!

Design Coaching

As a Visionary Playerverse Member you will receive 30 minutes of direct one-on-one coaching per month from the team member who designs all of our islands. She will come to your island and chat with you about what is working and what isn't, providing recommendations on arrangements and furniture options.

Need to cancel your membership? Simply shoot us an email at and we'll handle it no questions asked!

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